Infa Group agrees to transfer 100% of its shares to Olon SpA, P&R Group subsidiary

INFA Group and P&R are pleased to announce that a binding agreement has been signed to acquire 100% of the Italian pharmaceutical chemical manufacturer, INFA Group through the P&R subsidiary, Olon S.p.A.

OLON S.p.A. has 5 manufacturing sites in northern Italy with more than 800 employees while INFA Group, with more than 400 employees, has 2 manufacturing sites in Italy,  Labochim and Sifavitor and 1 in Spain, Derivados Quimicos.  The combined sales turnover will exceed  €300 million with an extensive product and technology portfolio.

The transaction will be completed after clearance is received from the Antitrust Authority which is expected in 30-45 days.

The CEO’s commented that “the merge of Olon and Infa will result in the creation of one of the most important European groups for research and manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients” and “we appreciate INFA’s excellent results and are convinced and excited that the merge of these two successful entities will begin a new phase for the development and growth of the company as well as offering extremely broad range of capabilities to both the Generic API and Contract Manufacturing customers”.