Area of expertise

Since the beginning of its activity dating back to the 1960s, Infa has held the belief that innovation is one the key factors of success in the field of Fine Chemicals and production of APIs. This vigorously held belief, has given the R&D team great competency in developing safe, economical, robust, scalable and environmentally benign processes for manufacture of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates.
Based on the experience of the last fifty years, Infa is strongly convinced of the positive outcome in cross fertilization between the R&D team and the people directly involved in the production. Towards this end, all the three Infa sites have their own R&D teams to support the ideal environment in identifying the best synthetic routes and from that, to develop optimal industrial processes.

The R&D staff is composed of 32 people and the current pipeline is composed of
• 43 active projects
• 25 molecules under evaluation

Laboratory and equipments

In addition to the three R&D teams operating in State of the Art laboratories located within the three production sites, Infa has 1 KiloLab and 3 Pilot cGMP Plants in Italy and in Spain that manufacture APIs suitable for human use.
Each of the Laboratories is equipped with both standard and walk-in fume hoods.
Every project is supported by the use of HEL Parallel Synthesis equipment to accelerate the evaluation and justification of critical parameters.

Along with the conventional equipment for organic synthesis, Infa R&D Labs have dedicated resources and tools for analytical research and development:
• 29 HPLC
• 3 UPLC
• 1LC/MS
• 13 GC
• 1 GC/MS
• Ion-Chromatography
• Infrared spectroscopy
• Ultraviolet spectroscopy
• Polarimetry
• Laser Particle size analyzers
• Thermal analysis (3 DSC)
• Climate Controlled Rooms for stability studies including zone 4

Scientific partners

• Cooperation with 4 European Universities
• Member of the Italian Biocatalysis Center (IBC) - Research and Development Consortium for technological advancement in the field of application of biotransformations in the production of APIs

Patents and IP

From Infa’s inception, innovation has been the driving force and one of the key factors in the success of the company in the field of Fine Chemicals and API production.

Infa is vigilant in protecting the scientific and technical innovations its R&D Teams have developed. This innovative fertility is clearly evidenced by the, to date, 28 worldwide Patent Applications and the 22 Patents already granted.
Needless to say, with Contact Research and Manufacturing projects, Infa is also fully committed to protection of the IP developed in the Infa Laboratories for their customers.

Project Management

All active projects within Infa are managed with focus on:
Proposals with detailed project plans, clearly highlighting milestones and targets
Supervision of each and every development phase of the project from early phase through first large scale campaign.
Provide written updates c.q. reports to the customer on an agreed upon schedule.
Maintain direct communication between Infa and the customer both on regular basis and as necessary, in “real time”.
Develop risk mitigation strategies to guarantee the timeline of the projects.


- Cyanuration
- Bromination
- Chlorination
- Sodium Metal
- Hydrogenation
- Organometallic compounds
- Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis