Sustainability & Responsibility

INFA GROUP has always upheld the greatest attention to health, safety and environment (HSE) matters.
The improvement of the health and safety conditions of the workers and the environmental impact of our activities on others is an essential duty, a continuous commitment and a constant element in our mission.
INFA GROUP believes that these principles should be responsibly adopted and shared with all employees and at the same time essential to inform, train and motivate them whenever necessary.
The HSE policy must be known by all employees and its application is subject to periodic revision and testing.
To reach this goal, INFA GROUP guarantees the availability of suitable human, mechanical and economic resources, committing to :
• respect all laws and internal standards of INFA GROUP, follow its evolution and verify the application periodically;
• guarantee the employees safe working conditions under ordinary and emergency situations;
• maintaining protocols to prevent accidents at work, and develop protection and health promotion programs;
• define and spread HSE targets and their action programs within the Company;
• constantly improve HSE performance, by monitoring the progress on a regular basis with controls from internal and external specialized personnel;
• increase consciousness and HSE sense of responsibility of all employees through continuous education trainings and monitoring by involving and consulting workers and their safety representatives;
• identify and introduce new technologies and assure investments in order to improve HSE performances;
• protect neighborhood, visitors, employees, contractors and anyone present in the Operations, against potential risks associated with the Plants activity;
• minimize the environmental impact and, in particular, control the presence of dangerous substances in the waste products;
• protect goods, products and processes from possible damages;
• maintain a collaborative relationship with Authorities and a proactive relationship with third parties, suppliers and contractors in order to improve HSE aspects related to activities taken under their responsibility;
• ensure a injury free workplace and provide all means to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our information.